Introducing Harmless Bag

This bag could help save our marine life and will not blight our landscape.

Harmless Bag is engineered to be super durable, yet it can rapidly disintegrate in the presence of water, particularly our oceans and rivers, causing no harm to marine life. It introduces an entire new category of carrier bag. 

Conventional plastic bags, including degradable and biodegradable bags, could still be functional after spending years in oceans and landfills. Over 100 million marine animals are killed each year by general waste plastic in our oceans. Let's save as many marine animals as possible with every Harmless Bag used.

Harmless Bag - Project Harmless
Harmless Bag - Project Harmless
Harmless Material

More than half of whales, dolphins, and porpoise species worldwide have consumed plastic, much of which is toxic. 

Harmless Bag completely reconceptualized how carrier bags are made, we repurposed the coating for medical pill capsules to a home essential. Our key material has also passed the sensitive Sea urchin Embryo Test (SET) and is proven to have an absence of toxicity for many marine animals.

The vulnerability of marine life is under-appreciated, we all need to help protect our seas and oceans. 

Carrier Bag

Harmless Bag does not require high heat to be fully decomposed like many compostable bags made of Polylactic Acid (PLA). If one of them ends up in our recycling steam, the entire batch will be contaminated. 

Harmless Bag can be fully dissolved at home after use, eliminating even the carbon footprint of recycling. It does not require trees to be cut down like many paper bags. 

Harmless Bag - Project Harmless
One bag at a time
For a better world

​​Our planet is under constant attack by harmful plastic waste. Harmless Bag helps to mitigate the growing global disaster by simply replacing a harmful single use carrier bag with a Harmless Bag.

It’s probably the easiest choice you can ever make to help our planet.

Join the revolution!

Harmless Bag by Project Harmless®

Harmless Bag by Project Harmless® revolutionizes single use carrier bags as once they are no longer needed, they can be simply dissolved with hot water at home in a sink. Harmless Bag is made of water-reactive material and is sensitive to the open environment. It can rapidly disintegrate in the presence of water, particularly our rivers, oceans, and in landfill. It also eliminates the need to recycle and the associated carbon footprint. 

If you are a merchant or a business and would like to know more about Harmless Bag, please get in touch with a member of our team. We also offer customization and co-branding opportunities.