BBC Radio Scotland - Project Harmless Live Interview

George Greer, Co-Founder of Project Harmless was invited to the BBC studio in Edinburgh to talk about our journey and to discuss why Harmless Poop Bag is so uniquely harmless.

"It was a pleasure to meet Stephen and to be given the opportunity to talk about the harmful environmental impact of 'degradable', 'biodegradable', and 'plant-based compostable' dog waste bags.” said George.

“The topic of dog waste bags is greatly under-appreciated. I've never seen so much misleading marketing information. It's shocking that some companies even claim that 'plant-based compostable' bags can turn into plants within weeks without mentioning they will only break down in very specific conditions. No wonder some people hang them on a tree believing it won’t harm the planet.”


Since this interview was recorded, the following article was published on 3rd November 2022. It presents research suggesting that conventional / plant-based "compostable" bags do not break down in many home compost bins.