The Project Harmless Story So Far - with a little help from American Express


Environmental activist Laura Young said she had looked into the product and thought the Project Harmless bags were the most sustainable on the market.

BBC News

One of the businesses that really stood out to me was Project Harmless – who have created an eco-friendly alternative to dog poo bags.

Sir Richard Branson

Project Harmless has introduced a new category of dog waste bag for environmentally-conscious dog owners.

British Vogue

Out of their concept has come Project Harmless, a water-reactive, non-toxic and microplastics free material that they’ve used to make dog waste bags – tackling one of the biggest problems our environment faces.

Project Harmless was featured on STV News at Six on 15 August 2022
STV News
Harmless Poop Bag

Award-winning dog waste bag, made of medical grade, water-reactive, and non-toxic material.

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Say Hello to Harmless Poop Bag pouches and colour matching dog leashes!