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Meeting Sir Richard Branson

Project Harmless Co-Founders George Greer and Ka Ho Wong meeting Sir Richard Branson
Project Harmless Co-Founder George Greer Meeting Sir Richard Branson

Our co-founders were invited to meet the inspirational Sir Richard Branson to share our story on his recent visit to Edinburgh to open the amazing new Virgin Hotel. He took great interest in our product and the massively under-appreciated eco-issue of used dog waste bags. 

Indeed whilst single use carrier bag issuance has dropped 97% in recent years, “degradable” dog waste bags, made of similar material, have rocketed. In fact, last year UK supermarkets issued under 200 million carrier bags, but in 2023 nearly 10 billion dog waste bags will be used. Even worse, a used carrier bag can be recycled, a used dog waste bag cannot! 

“The best part of starting your own business is you get to define your mission and values, and get to choose with whom to collaborate and partner. I am truly thankful for the support of Virgin Startup for championing a purpose-driven business with a focus on a not so glamorous, but essential product.” said George Greer, Co-Founder, Project Harmless.

Of course, we presented him with a tin of our Harmless Poop Bags!


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George Greer, Co-Founder of Project Harmless and Markus Dünzkofer, Rector of St. John’s Scottish Episcopal Church
George Greer, Co-Founder of Project Harmless

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