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Project Harmless Shortlisted for the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards

George Greer, Co-Founder of Project Harmless

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND -Project Harmless, a Scottish-based eco startup, is excited to announce that they have been shortlisted for the prestigious 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards in the Innovation Entrepreneur of the Year and Sustainability Entrepreneur of the Year categories. This double recognition reflects exceptional entrepreneurial spirit combined with purpose driven innovation within their product category.

Now in its 11th year, and previously described as “The Grammys for Entrepreneurship”, The Great British Entrepreneur Awards celebrate outstanding individuals and businesses that drive innovation, generate employment opportunities, and contribute to the growth of the UK economy. These awards serve as a platform to honor the remarkable stories of entrepreneurs who have overcome challenges, demonstrated resilience, and make significant contributions to their communities

George Greer, Co-Founder of Project Harmless

“A third of households in the UK have a dog, and will use nearly 10 billion dog waste bags this year alone. Our innovative Project Harmless®Poop Bag is made of medical grade, water-reactive, non-toxic, and micro-plastic free material; it can rapidly break down in our oceans and landfills, posing no harm to wildlife, marine life or the environment.” said George Greer, Co-Founder and CEO of Project Harmless.

“There is nothing like this in the market, and we are proud that Project Harmless has introduced an entirely new category of dog waste bag for environmentally conscious dog owners." George added.

“Project Harmless has created an innovative and sustainable product to address the impact of harmful dog waste bags. What Project Harmless has achieved in such a short period of time is tremendous. Everyone in Britain should be very proud of this purpose-driven business.” Said Pól Ó Móráin, Advisory Board Member of Project Harmless and CEO of Carbon Collect.

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards have become one of the most coveted accolades for entrepreneurs across the UK, celebrating the nation's diverse entrepreneurial landscape. The awards ceremony will take place on November 20th 2023 at London’s Grosvenor House, where industry leaders, innovators, and influencers will gather to celebrate the achievements of the finalists.

"Every year I am blown away with the quantity and quality of applications we receive, and this year is no exception. The Great British Entrepreneur Awards receives thousands of applications annually and the competition is tough. I am truly inspired by the remarkable accomplishments of this year's finalists. Their collective achievements of generating over £2.7 billion in turnover and employing over 33,000 people demonstrate the exceptional impact they have made in their industries and communities. These entrepreneurs exemplify the spirit of innovation, resilience, and growth that drives the entrepreneurial landscape in the UK." Said Francesca James, Founder of The Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

Francesca James, Founder of the Great British Entrepreneur AwardsFrancesca James, Founder of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards recognises entrepreneurs like George who have demonstrated exceptional creativity, originality, and entrepreneurial spirit in their pursuit of innovative ideas and sustainable solutions in tackling some of the world's biggest problems.

Project Harmless’ commitment in bringing the best and most sustainable products to market has allowed them to make a significant impact on our planet.

The team at Project Harmless is proud to have reached this stage in a short period of time and is grateful for the support received from their customers and partners. The recognition of their hard work by the Great British Entrepreneur Awards further motivates them to continue their journey of success and inspire others in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

For more information about the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, please visit www.greatbritishentrepreneurawards.comTo learn more about Project Harmless, please visit


About the Great British Entrepreneur Awards:
The Great British Entrepreneur Awards, now in its 11th year, celebrates the achievements of the UK's most innovative and forward-thinking entrepreneurs. These awards highlight the exceptional contributions entrepreneurs make to the economy and society as a whole. For more information, please visit

About Project Harmless:
Project Harmless aims to bring the best and most sustainable products to market. The reinvented Harmless Poop Bag is made of medical grade, water-reactive, non-toxic, and microplastics free material. It can rapidly disintegrate in the open environment, particularly our rivers and oceans, posing no harm to wildlife. Project Harmless is a Virgin StartUp, an organisational member of Dyslexia Scotland, and an accredited Living Wage Employer. For more information, please visit


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