Probably the most harmless poop bag on the planet.

Unlike anything else, Harmless Poop Bag completely redefines dog waste bags, encompassing unique water-reactive material that can disintegrate rapidly in the presence of water. Its non-toxic and microplastic free formula is safe for marine life, with exceptional durability. It can be placed in any bin after use. 

Harmless Poop Bag helps to make our planet a better place.

Harmless Poop Bag - Project Harmless

Harmless Poop Bag is engineered to be ultra durable, yet it can rapidly disintegrate in the presence of water, particularly our oceans and rivers, causing no harm to marine life. It introduces an entire new category of dog waste bag.

Conventional plastic bags, including degradable and biodegradable bags, could still be functional after spending years in oceans and landfills. Over 100 million marine animals are killed each year by general waste plastic. Let's save as many marine animals as possible with every Harmless Poop Bag used.

Harmless Material

More than half of whales, dolphins, and porpoise species worldwide have consumed plastic, much of which is toxic. 

Harmless Poop Bag completely reconceptualized how dog waste bags are made, we repurposed the coating for medical pill capsules to a pet essential. Our key material has also passed the sensitive Sea urchin Embryo Test (SET) and is proven to have an absence of toxicity for many marine animals.

The vulnerability of marine life is under-appreciated, we all need to help protect our seas and oceans. 

Project Harmless - Harmless Poop Bag - 1 dog
Project Harmless was awarded Highly Commended at the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2022

Harmless Poop Bag is compostable, however, it is free of Polylactic Acid. They can be disposed of in any bin as they will rapidly disintegrate in landfill.

Many plant based compostable-only bags are made of Polylactic Acid (PLA) using cornstarch, frequently from genetically modified corn.

These cornstarch bags should be composted in a dedicated home dog waste compost bin as the resulting compost should only be used on non-edible plants, given the potential for toxins from the dog waste. However, the vast majority of dog waste bags made of cornstarch end up in landfill, such bags could take 100 - 1000 years to fully decompose.

One bag at a time
For a better world

​​Our planet is under constant attack by harmful plastic waste. Harmless Poop Bag helps to mitigate the growing global disaster by simply replacing a harmful dog waste bag with a Harmless Poop Bag.

It’s probably the easiest choice you can ever make to help our planet.

Join the revolution! 


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