A Harmless Get Together

Can you believe it?

Not made to last.

Harmless Poop Bag is made of medical grade, water-reactive, non-toxic, and microplastic free material.

It can quickly disintegrate in landfill and our oceans, posing no harm to wildlife and the planet.

Let's break it down.

It'd a lot more profitable if we were to sell harmful waste bags.


Project Harmless®

Conventional compostable (PBAT/PLA cornstarch plastic)

Conventional degradable / recycled / biodegradable

Disintegration (oceans)

Rapid Disintegration. Harmless to marine life.

Slow and deadly. Harmful to marine life.

Slow and deadly. Harmful to marine life.

Disintegration (landfill)

Rapid Disintegration.

Nearly impossible.

Nearly impossible.

Profit margin

25% - 35%

Up to 80% based on production cost of approx. <£1 / 100pcs (Estimated)

Up to 80% based on production cost of approx. <£0.5 / 100pcs (Estimated)

Retail price

£14 (100pcs / based on subscription)

Approx. £8 - £10 (100pcs)

Approx. £4 - £8 (100pcs)

3 Reasons why we aren't stocked everywhere

Mission (almost) Impossible

Our business operates with the lowest retail margin within the product category.

BBC Radio Scotland Mornings with Stephen Jardine

Live Interview with George Greer, Co-Founder of Project Harmless

"Environmental activist Laura Young said she had looked into the product and thought the Project Harmless bags were the most sustainable on the market." - BBC News
"Out of their concept has come Project Harmless, a water-reactive, non-toxic and microplastics free material that they’ve used to make dog waste bags – tackling one of the biggest problems our environment faces." - STV News
"After intensive development, manufacturing, and testing, they came up with a product that worked." - American Express
"Project Harmless has introduced a new category of dog waste bag for environmentally-conscious dog owners." - British Vogue
"A sustainable solution to the growing environmental issue of dog waste bag." - Chelsea Life
"This is a solution." - The People's Friend
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