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Authentic. Innovative. Inspring.

Our Mission

With an authentic approach to sustainability in a world of greenwashing, Project Harmless aims to offer the best and most sustainable solutions.

The Project Harmless Story So Far

The Project Harmless Story... with a little help from American Express

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Our values


We are imaginative risk-takers and change-makers who are not afraid to be different and lead. We pay attention to our surroundings and harness innovation with compassion.

Our values


We are a force for good. We believe doing the right thing is always more important than doing the expedient thing. We thrive to be kind to people and the planet.

Our values


We seek fairness within personal, organisational, societal, and environmental spheres.

One of the businesses that really stood out to me was Project Harmless – who have created an eco-friendly alternative to dog poo bags. It’s such an everyday item that every dog walker needs, so it’s great to see it reinvented to be kinder to the planet.

Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group

The company’s mission to create useful, sustainable products that don’t harm the environment is truly admirable.

Cathy Magee, Chief Executive of Dyslexia Scotland

Project Harmless is a purpose-driven business that brings a genuinely innovative solution to a growing environmental issue.

Andy Fishburn, MD of Virgin Startup

A Harmless Solution to Plastic Pollution

Discover Harmless Poop Bag

Our Founders

Project Harmless is a Living Wage Employer
Project Harmless is a Disability Confident Committed business