Project Harmless

About Us

Our Story...

We started Project Harmless upon coming across an area full of debris and washed up plastic on the northern shore of Loch Long in Scotland whilst walking our dog. It highlighted the huge amount of plastic in our waters including single use plastic bags and dog waste bags. As we began to investigate, we realised the vast majority of dog waste bag products mislead dog owners or are silent regarding their environmental impact.

Little did we know “degradable” bags take over 500 years to degrade and in the process release toxins and microplastics. Little did we know many biodegradable bags cannot disintegrate in our oceans and landfills for many years. Little did we know that most compostable-only bags are made from GM corn and ideally should be disposed of in a dedicated dog waste compost bin, whilst the resulting compost should only be used for non-edible plants. The majority of such bags end up in landfill where due to a lack of oxygen and light they will not fully decompose for many years.

Our solution involved repurposing a proven water-reactive, non-toxic, and microplastics free material already used to coat medical pills, resulting in an entirely new category of dog waste bag. The Harmless Poop Bag disintegrates in landfill, and in our seas and oceans, posing no threat to marine life.

Our ambition…

To play a small, but impactful role in helping our planet to remain the beautiful wondrous place we all know it to be.

What we believe in…

We believe Harmless Poop Bag can help slow the eco-disaster of waste plastic in our planet’s environment, particularly our seas and oceans.

We believe not one more marine animal should die by becoming ensnared or eating harmful plastic waste.

We believe “degradable” dog waste bags should be legislated against by governments worldwide.

We believe in Purpose before Profit. 10% of our profit every year will be given back to local communities, charities, non-profit organisations, and educational institutions, or reinvested in other environmental startups.

Our Founders...

George Greer, Managing Director & Co-Founder

Prior to Project Harmless, George worked with Mastercard. He has lived and worked in multiple locations including London, Brussels, Hong Kong, Dubai, and San Francisco. A Glasgow native, George currently resides in Edinburgh, Scotland where Project Harmless is based.

Ka Ho Wong, Director of Operations & Co-Founder

Ka Ho has lived and worked in Hong Kong, New York, California, Washington, and Alaska followed by a year of volunteering on organic farms across North America via the Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) program. He is a former documentary filmmaker and studied in Pennsylvania where he earned a Bachelor of Science. He currently resides in Edinburgh, Scotland.