Scottish Deer Antler Dog Chew

Our Scottish Deer Antler Dog Chew is the perfect long-lasting treat for your dog.

Deer antler is the fastest growing bone in the mammalian kingdom. They regrow each year and it's one of the most sustainable dog chews we can think of!

Our antlers are ethically sourced from herds across the central Scottish Highlands within 50 miles of Inverness and are free from any chemical treatment. Pointed tips are removed to avoid choking hazard.

Each antler is packed with essential minerals and low in fat.

Supervise your dog when feeding. Suitable for dogs over 6 months old. 

Split/Small: 60-99g; Medium: 100-124g; Large: 125-149g; X-Large: 150g+

Size: Small (Split/Pair)
Sale price£10.00